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A new robot in town [closed to [personal profile] yourmove]

The events that had happened between Detective Murphy and (Army) Officer Sears were remarkably similar to the point that Jack honestly wondered whether or not their careers had been planned to go this route all along. Rose had it easier though when it came to deciding whether or not to put Jack into the RoboCop program since they had an example to go on. The surgery had been a success for the most part. Unfortunately they were only able to salvage the upper part of his skull and spinal cord.

With how much of an impact Murphy had on the Police Force, they opted to try a new twist on the project: Jack would still be assigned as detective but his methods would be more like a secret agent. His body was faster, lighter, and much more quiet than Murphy's was, enabling him to be stealthy. He'd rely on bladed weapons as opposed to fire arms, making for silent kills if the situation called for it.

The awakening period had been... less than pleasant for the newly created cyborg. Shock, anger, denial - much like what Alex had gone through. There was also the problem of his humanity. Having been a child soldier, there were times where he considered himself a monster. The robotic body only egged that on.

Once he had come to terms with what he'd become (trying to look at it as a second chance at life. He had a wife and son he had to take care of, after all), he agreed to go through with the training. The skills he had learned during both his childhood and his time with Task Force XXI proved useful and he caught on quite quickly. When he had been deemed ready, Jack was given a file on Murphy and was told the two would work together to see how a Robo "spy" would do on the field. His codename would be "Raiden" - from the WWII fighter aircraft who's allied name was "Jack." How amusing.

Needless to say, Jack wasn't happy with the prospect of working with another person. And while he was a strong believer in justice he wasn't the most mentally stable of people, but he was more qualified than the other candidates for the project. He preferred being alone and keeping to himself. Partners had to be open with each other so they could be on the same level, right? Hopefully Alex wouldn't be too nosy about Jack's past once the detective was given his file. The last thing he needed was to snap while on the field... and with his new robotic body, he worried how much destruction he could cause.

Really having no other choice, Jack accepted the assignment and was taken to the Police Station, then shown to the Chief's office so the two could meet. As the blonde entered the room, his eyes immediately fixated themselves on to Murphy, studying him. While their were similarities in their features, it was obvious they went a different route with Jack.

After a few moments he held out a hand, deciding to break the ice with some small talk.

"So you're the famous RoboCop, huh?"
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So he was supposed to have a partner. Alex wasn’t sure what to make of that, because up until this point he was fine operating on his own. That was supposed to be the whole draw – that “RoboCop” didn’t need a partner, didn’t need sleep, could be on duty 24/7. The reality was that wasn’t true. Alex needed rest, needed to be “shut down”, as he heard his techs say, because his mind was human enough to require rest otherwise it’d fry. It was one of those little details the media didn’t care to cover because it poked holes in his whole….persona. Apparently he had one. It was the very worst thing you could have, if you were working undercover like he did.

Good thing he couldn’t do those anymore. Hard to do undercover when you were grafted to several hundred pounds of graphene.

Alex was already sitting in the new Chief’s office when “Raiden” was brought in. His own visor was up, revealing a face that was human and permanently stuck at that thirty-three/thirty-four mark, thanks to Dennett Norton’s work on him. It could scar, could bleed, and yet it wouldn’t age. He heard those footsteps before the Chief, his head swiveling toward the door as the other cyborg came trooping in. They went a similar route: a young man’s face exposed, visor that dropped down in combat to provide additional data and protection. But there were the differences, too, like Raiden’s missing jaw that made him look even less human, and the hair that was so blonde it almost looked bone-white. (Alex caught himself wondering if that was real, or artificial, added on when they were bolting him back together). The armor was both sleeker and more angular in places at the same time, less Alex’s SWAT team and more stealth bomber.

Was that a sword sheath over his shoulder?

Alex rose in a decidedly segmented motion: head, torso, then the rest of his body, instead of leaning forward and bracing himself with the chair’s armrests like a normal man would. He gripped Raiden’s hand in his, noting his fingers seemed to end in claw-like protrusions.

“Detective,” Alex said. He’d gotten used to the RoboCop nickname, but still. “Alex Murphy. I won’t ask what happened if you don’t.”

It wasn’t like they couldn’t read each other’s files. But Alex wanted to extend his new partner that much, at least. It was the human thing to do.
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Alex had to give it to the new guy: he had a hell of a handshake. Jack wasn’t squeezing that hard but the grip strength was…impressive, the joints of his own hand creaking. He usually didn’t say that about anyone – then again, most people weren’t cyborgs.

This one had a sense of humor. Also a first.

“That’s pretty much it,” the Chief said. “Don’t blow up anything.” He paused, then added, “Seriously, I mean it. No property damage for a change.”

Alex kept his face neutral. “Got it.”

The Chief waved them off, Alex turning with his usual segmented motion, feeling downright clunky next to Jack as they trooped out of the office, drawing stares from the other cops manning the desks outside. It was only a matter of time before they started rolling off other models, Alex telling himself that this wasn’t like the old days on the force. He was tech now and tech aged a lot faster than flesh-and-blood cops. He’d just have to get used to the idea of being a little bit more obsolete than he was a few weeks ago.

“You’re authorized to use lethal force, of course. We should still try to avoid it, if possible.” Alex said, glancing at Jack, then at his sword sheath. “Any questions?”
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Alex's eyes shifted toward the gun, which registered basically as newer, meaner and probably packed more of a punch than his. He had to wonder if Jack was even equipped for non-lethal responses with weaponry like that. He guessed, though, that if he was supposed to be a military model they want to trot out for next-gen soldiers, that non-lethal response wasn't exactly the goal there.

"I've read it," Alex said. With the fact he had processors and an AI running alongside the squishy parts, like a human brain, it meant he didn't even need to double-check the file for reference, like he used to way back when. "Way back when" meaning before he took a car bomb to the face. "Just follow my lead. You'll be fine."

It was promising that he was worried about messing up - Alex had worried about that, too, and held onto the thought because it showed him he was still human. Mostly. The fact Jack was...concerned meant he'd be more likely to analyze the situation and and actually think about the appropriate response. Alex paused as they reached the door, one foot on the steps, as he accessed the scanner, using the code he'd received from Jack's handler to patch him in too - it'd save time if he didn't have to play Telephone.

" - 459A in progress - "

Alex listened to the address and was plotting out a route to account for traffic and construction as he glanced back over at Jack. Burglar alarm. Seemed routine enough. He just hoped, privately, that Jack didn't straight-up decapitate anyone today. Here's mentally crossed his fingers.

"Come on," Alex headed for his motorcycle, right where he'd left it parked.
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The realization that Jack was so fast he didn’t need a vehicle was almost, almost enough to distract Alex from the road: he registered the other cyborg actually keeping pace, bent down like some kind of Olympic gold medalist, his legs sparking with blue lightning. That was before he ran up the wall, took to the rooftops like a spider-monkey and that was the exact moment Alex knew he’d just been rendered obsolete.

He took it surprisingly well. Maybe he’d get an actual retirement date, maybe a less…battle-ready chassis. It’d be nice not to worry about crushing his wife and son in a 2.6 billion dollar body.

Alex followed the route he set for the department store, his C-2 weaving in and out of traffic effortlessly as he kept tabs on the police chatter, reviewed CCTV around the department store. It didn’t take long to reach his destination, the motorcycle purring to a stop as he dismounted and left it where it was parked. Everyone knew what his motorcycle looked like in Detroit. If they didn’t and they tried to boost it, they’d find out first hand just how efficient OmniCorp’s anti-theft measures were. When he turned, suddenly Jack was there filling up space in his black armor when he hadn’t been there only a second ago. Alex was suddenly glad he was incapable of the flinch reflex anymore. Meant he could play it cool, surprised or not.

With his visor up, Alex couldn’t shake how young Jack looked. He looked like he belonged at some college worrying about finals.

“Stick together for now. Backdoor is more likely,” Alex said, after a second to review other similar 459’s in the area. “Let’s check it out.”

He continued to transmit what he was seeing and hearing back to the station, the feed bobbing as he turned away from the doors, security glass intact, and marched around to the back. Just like all the others, the backdoor had been jimmied open. Alex paused to relay the building schematics to Jack. A military guy might have a different approach to how to approach a place like this than a cop. Besides, if they did have to split up, he wanted the kid to have the same picture he did.
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Unlike some of the new cops you sometimes got who went overboard trying to prove themselves, Jack was doing a good job dialing it back and letting Alex take lead. He liked that. No one liked babysitting or wondering if the rookie was going to get shot their first day out. Granted, with “Raiden’s” new chassis, the odds of that happening dropped exponentially, but you never knew. The odds were never zero. They both might be cyborg tanks, sure, but they still had enough squishy bits to make Alex wary.

“They’re probably looking for a way to disable the alarms before they rob the place blind,” Alex said after a brief second to compare the other burglary incidents in the area. “I’ve highlighted a room of interest on the schematics I sent you. Check that first.”

Likely that was where they stored the security footage, access to any additional internal alarm systems. Glancing at Jack, he ejected the NI-408 pistol from his thigh holster, opting to go for the non-lethal/lethal options with it instead of his SMG, which was much more geared to pacification of the permanent kind. He’d rather take the burglars alive, if possible. Alex took the lead as he stepped through the backdoor, his tread echoing down the hall. His HUD processed some unusual thermal readings at the north end, toward the room he’d indicated to Jack.
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"I'll take point. Wait for three, then follow," Alex had to actually think about it. Mostly he responded to stuff like this solo, so it didn't much matter who stood where or if there was such a thing as cyborg overkill.

Alex headed down the hall, aware that compared to Raiden, his own footsteps were tank-like, louder than he remembered because now he’d gotten used to it. He’d never worked out if that sound was supposed to have an intimidation factor or it was one of those engineering things OmniCorp could’ve improved on if they weren’t in such a hurry to get him shipped back to Detroit. Raiden was practically noiseless in comparison. If it wasn’t for his little indicator blinking away on his HUD’s map, he could forget he was there.

He paused. Camera one. He highlighted it on Raiden’s feed, indicating he should neutralize it. The kid was right: someone might be watching the security cameras and the hall wasn’t exactly big enough to utilize all the blind spots. Going at full tilt and running in was always possible but he wanted Raiden to see how this went slowly. The way it would’ve gone if they were both flesh and blood cops. Not walking killing machines.

Alex tried not to think about the fact that if they’d really wanted to pacify the burglars the permanent way, it’d be over in seconds. It’d probably even be easy, between two cyborgs.